Download and Play The Bounciest Game Ever!

Drop Bouncy Balls onto the spinning platform to earn coins for landing in the targets, also known as “Pockets”. Use your Coins earned to buy and collect different Bouncy Balls from the virtual Shop. Upgrade the platform with unique Pockets that earn more Coins, and be creative with your own custom design! Once you install the Super JackPocket in the center of the platform, its time to start winning big! Make sure to re-energize the Bouncy Balls in the Ball Club, where the balls are stored in the game, otherwise they will break!

  • Visit the Ball Club where balls are stored to manage your Bouncy Balls and re-energize!
  • Collect Coins to buy Bouncy Balls and upgrade the platform Pockets
  • 3D graphics
  • Easy and fun to play for anyone!
  • More levels coming soon!
  • In-app purchases available to buy more Coins!




Download Time:Kill on the App Store and Kill some time trying to stop the Vault timer at 00:00.000… without seeing the time! Play on the Apple Watch! Test your skills and unlock all levels! Top the leader board by earning the most coins! Master the game with Perfect kills on every level!




Play Trivia the way it was meant to be played, With Confidence! Confidence: The Game is an innovative and exciting head to head mobile trivia quiz game available on the App Store.

Rank your trivia categories according to how confident you are (more or less points), and challenge your friends live or play against fun computer characters on your own.

The game has 3 rounds with the last one being Final Confidence, where it all comes down to 1 last final question!